Baby-wearing and Fitness

Another big trend lately is attachment parenting. This is a term coined by Dr. Sears, a famous American pediatrician. I actually haven’t read his book (I might have to research purposes later on). I have taken a glance at his website and he seems to be the Dr. Spock of our day. He encourages co-sleeping, extended nursing, and baby-wearing. I do some of these things myself but mostly by accident because it’s the best way to deal with my baby when she gets fussy. Also, Korea is heavily populated and it’s really hard to use a stroller here at times. A lot of businesses and public transportation are not stroller friendly. I never really got into co-sleeping myself because I am too paranoid and wake up in a panic thinking my baby is under the blankets in our bed (even when she’s in her crib). We used to sleep in the same room but lately when I open the door or go in the room it just seems to disturb her. I wouldn’t mind cuddling up with my baby but for us, everyone sleeps much better separately.

My baby hates being on her back or stomach so I love the baby-wearing and I have five different carriers. I have a Bjorn, a Moby Wrap (I originally thought the bald techno musician might have had his hand in this but it actually is a blend of the words mom and baby), an Ergo with infant insert, and a Korean product called a Pongnae Hip Seat, which is all the rage over here at the moment. It’s an odd device that looks like a little stool you attach to your body. You plop the baby on and away you go. I showed my dad this and he said we looked like a circus sideshow act. I also have a traditional Korean carrier called a Podaegi, which is basically a blanket with some straps and you hoist the baby up over your back. I can’t figure it out but my mother in law uses it when she helps out with the baby. My favorite ones are the Ergo and the Moby Wrap but each are good for different ages or needs. We used the Ergo with the insert but it is sooooo hot. My baby was born at the end of May so I don’t recommend the Ergo when your baby is under three to four months of age unless you want your baby to have severe heat rash. The Moby and the Bjorn worked best for us in the beginning. Now I hate the Bjorn. It seems to strategically rub right up against my nipples which is not pleasant when you’re breastfeeding. It also kills my back. If you can get two carriers, get a Moby for the early months and an Ergo for later.

People say you can do house chores while baby-wearing. I don’t know who these people are. If I bend over to pick something up my baby gets pissed off. I can’t cook because baby might catch on fire. And I can’t wash dishes because baby will get wet. I can sort of very slowly do laundry. I can also sort of vacuum, which babies love by the way. So basically the only thing I can productively do is walk around and go shopping. I started walking outside around my apartment complex. It’s a great workout. I think my new goal will be five kilometers every day (maybe). I’d like to find out how much more calories you burn by baby-wearing. Does anyone know?

If you have a Moby Wrap you might have noticed in the manual a section on Moby Wrap yoga. I have yet to try this but I think I’ll give it a whirl when I get a chance. More on Moby Yoga at a later date!

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