The Best Apps to Track Fitness

Today I finally met another mom in my apartment. I was beginning to feel like a total loser. I just moved into my apartment in August and yes I have no friends here. All the mommy friends I have live in Seoul and it takes an hour and a half to get to where everyone is. I met the mom outside of my apartment yesterday and we found out that our babies are only three days apart. We exchanged numbers and today she texted me to tell me she was coming up for a visit. When she rung my doorbell, I couldn’t see any baby. I thought, “Oh, did she leave him downstairs. Is that okay? Maybe that’s a Korean thing?” I invited her in and she turned around and there was a big bump on her back under her sweater. She took her sweater and there was her sleeping baby boy in the Korean podaegi. We got to talking and, much like my baby, her boy could only sleep while in motion. She said she could get a lot more work done with her baby sleeping on her back and the baby was extremely happy to hang out there all day.

For moms with kids like ours I was thinking, a fun thing to do would be to see how many steps I take a day using a baby carrier. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I’ve found some decent apps to chart your progress. I only use free apps now because I have no job. And I just don’t like paying for apps.

First I tried a pedometer. It counts how many steps you take and your speed. It also has graphs that show your overall progress. The name of the app I found is Pedometer with GPS. This is great when you’re walking around the house or pacing the floor trying to get your baby to sleep. It also has a setting for indoors or outdoors. I also tried the Nike Running app but I was a little disappointed because there is no walking setting. Finally I tried Runkeeper. It will measure your distance while running or walking using kilometers or miles and your speed. It also has GPS. And for us Facebook junkies you can post how much you walked to brag to your friends. Using these apps are a fun way to chart your progress. You could even show the stats to your kid one day when he mouths off to you.

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