Sleep Training Abandoned

I haven’t updated my blog in a while because my baby got a little cold and I was busy running her back and forth from the doctors. It was also voting season so I was trying to get my absentee ballot in order. Also, Facebook has been sucking up a lot of my time.

We (I) have pretty much abandoned sleep training. Of course the problem is you can’t sleep train when your baby is sick or teething (which is pretty much all the time!). And, my hubby was busy at work at night so I was having a terrible time listening to my baby cry by myself! But, miraculously, she has gotten so much better just by herself! I put her down anytime between 6-9PM when she’s showing cues like rubbing her eyes, fussing, or pulling her ears. I nurse her to sleep and put her in her crib and she wakes up for a dream feed and now she sleeps about 7-8 hours, wakes up to nurse and sleeps a few more hours. I guess all the experts are not totally accurate. If you don’t feel like sleep training is for you, it will get better and your baby will get the sleep he/she needs!

However, nap times still need working on. I usually hold her or nurse her. I’m going to work on nursing while laying down and extending her awake times to three hours to see if that will help. She does love sleeping in the car and sleeping in her Ergo, so luckily I’m able to be mobile while she sleeps.

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