My Daughter, the Model

There are two important times in the first year of life for the Korean baby. The first is the first 100 days of life (bek il). The second is their first birthday (doel). To commentate these events, millions of won is spent, lavish parties are thrown for the baby and the parents have their child’s photo taken at a studio. Usually, the parents will put off the 100 day photo session until about six months when the baby has more neck strength. Otherwise, the photos would be pretty dull; the baby lying around on the floor doing nothing!

We procrastinated and waited until six months. My husband went online and searched for some good local places and found a lovely studio up in the mountains. The package we decided on includes three different wardrobe changes for the baby in three different scenes. But that’s not all! They will include a hardbound album and later we will come back for her first year photos, which will include four wardrobe changes and four different scenes. They will also include some framed pictures and a DVD album. They also provide the clothes, which are really cute by the way!

One thing I didn’t count on was that my baby would be afraid of the photographer. Every time we get ready to shoot, she screams like she’s getting vaccinated. Today, we are at the studio for the third time! Luckily, they let us come back as many times as necessary to get the perfect shot. Personally, this has been one of the most exhausting times for me. I never imagined that taking my baby’s photo would be so hard! And yes, I brought all her toys, sang to her, clapped at her, fed her, did everything I possibly could to cheer her up.

It’s kind of silly, but mixed kids are really popular and used for models! I guess they are popular because they have that Korean look but they also have some much coveted “Western” features. It would be kind of fun to have my girl be a baby model but I think that’s out!

I think my baby is super cute but one thing’s for sure, she will never be a model! She’s too much of a diva! Right now, she’s sleeping on my back so I’m blogging on my phone. I took a bunch of pictures of the chatzkies around the studio. Enjoy!


This is a photo of a model for the studio. Her father is African American and her mother is Korean. Oh and these weird blind things are pretty popular in Korea for the baby’s picture. I don’t want something like that in my home though. Sorry Koreans, but it’s pretty tacky!

My fussy girl.

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