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Korean Baby Food

A Korean diet would not be the same without a helping of good old white rice. That’s why today I decided to try out a Korean baby food recipe called “miuum” which is similar to rice cereal. It’s used as a base for baby’s first food. Later on, babies will eat more of a porridgey consistency of rice mixed with minced meat and veggies called “chuk.”

This recipe comes from a popular Korean baby food book, 이유식은 따로 있다, which I tried to decipher by using my poor Korean skills and by looking at the pictures!

First, I put a tablespoon of washed white rice (the short grain sticky type) into one cup of cool water. I let it soak for about 40 minutes. Based on what I could decipher from the book it says to soak the rice for 20 minutes to one hour.


After letting it soak, I transferred the water and rice to the blender. At this point I realized that I may have made a mistake. I think I was actually supposed to soak the rice in 1/4 cup of water and blend it, but I mistakenly did a cup. The other 3/4 was supposed to be added later when I cooked the rice. I’m not sure if it really mattered but anyway I will fix that next time around and see if it makes a difference.

I blended the rice and water mixture for a couple of minutes until the rice became powdery.


I poured the mixture from the blender into a small sauce pan. A lot of the rice powder got stuck at the bottom of the blender so I had to scoop it out. I then brought the mixture to a boil. After boiling, I let the mixture simmer while constantly stirring. The rice got very thick after a few minutes and it looked like it could scorch really easily.




After seven minutes, I strained out all the bigger chunks of rice through a sieve.



Here’s the final product:


What do we think about this recipe? Well, to be honest, she was not a fan. She took about two bites and was not interested. I think she liked the carrots and squash better. I think what I may do next is mix the miuum with some squash and carrots and see what she thinks. If you’re looking for a rice cereal alternative this is good and it was easy. The only problem is that it’s not fortified with iron. A lot of Koreans add meat or fish later on for an iron source. However, there are some that argue breast milk has enough iron. Personally, I’m not going to stress about it too much and I’ll introduce some iron rich foods in a month or so. Overall, it needs a little tweaking but this was easy, quick, and cheap.


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