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Plaster Baby Feet

There was a huge snowfall today and we were stuck inside. I’ve been wanting to complete a project that my neighbor suggested I do. She made a really cute shadow box with plaster reliefs of her daughter’s hands and feet and she was kind enough to let me use some of the materials. She had some plaster, and material for making impressions of the hands and feet. However, it was this weird stuff like what they use at the dentist to make crowns and fillings. It smelled really minty and when I stuck my daughter’s hands and feet in the stuff she moved and it made a huge mess. It also set really quickly so it didn’t leave me any time to play with. This time I thought back to my school days as a studio art major and I remembered using clay to make impressions and then pouring the plaster over the impressions in my sculpture class. I didn’t have any clay on hand but I remembered seeing something on Facebook awhile back about making homemade play dough. So I did a quick search on google and found this website and learned that it is totally doable with the few materials I have around my apartment. It’s also nice to use this homemade play dough because she’s at the age where she sticks her hands in her mouth so I don’t have to worry about using something toxic.

First, I needed play dough so I found the recipe here.

After making the play dough, I put made little patties and put them in a Tupperware container so as to contain any spillage from the plaster. Then I stuck my daughter’s feet in the play dough.


Next, I poured the plaster over the impressions. I mixed the plaster in a ziplock bag as suggested on the Artful Parent site, and cut a little hole in the corner of the bag to neatly pour the plaster into the molds. I went a little crazy with the plaster though! Next time, I’ll probably take it a little easier.


After waiting one hour, the plaster had set and I knocked off some of the excess plaster, peeled away the play dough, and I got these reliefs of my daughter’s feet.


I filed down the edges and painted the feet with some gold acrylic paint. I think they turned out pretty cute but I wish the dentist stuff worked. I think it might have made a deeper impression. Later on, I’ll put these in a shadow box with some photos and maybe our hospital bracelets.



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