arts and crafts

Baby Casting: Part 2

I had so much fun making my baby feet that I wanted to try hands today. This time I thought that I should make a block with a cast of her hands and see how it went so I made a little tray and filled it up with the play dough. To make the tray, I cut a cardboard box to make it more shallow to be able to put her hands in the play dough.


Next I made impressions of her hands. Now this part was tricky. She moved around a lot so it took a couple of tries to get anything decent.


Then I filled up the box with the plaster.


I waited one hour for the plaster to set and this is the positive cast I got.


I thought it might be cool to paint it with some watercolors but it turned out really weird, so I covered it up with the gold paint to match the feet.



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