New Year’s Resolutions

Ms resolutions:

1. This year I will not take things personally. I recently reread the Four Agreements (a very inspiring book by the way) and this was one of the agreements.  Last year and the year before taking things personally was a MAJOR problem for me. I would obsess for weeks about the slightest critcism or off-handed remark. I actually severed a few relationships because of this. As hard as it may be, my goal this year is to take those opinions of others with a grain of salt.

2. This year I will say, “yes” more. Maybe it was me being pregnant and taking care of a baby, but I think I rejected too many invitations to do things. This year I resolve to get out of the house when I get an invitation regardless of being tired or feeling lazy. Even if my baby is screaming on the subway, I WILL get out and meet friends!

3. I will stop comparing. I spend a lot of mental time comparing material things with other people; apartments, clothes, hair, bodies, babies, and skills. This is a waste of mental energy. Instead, I want to appreciate what I have.

4. I will take care of my health and my family’s health. My little one is watching what I eat and it’s embarrassing to let her see me eat pizza and coke. Why am I feeding myself things I wouldn’t feed her?
5. This year I will take the time to grow in my faith. I have been very bad about attending small groups at church but this year I will be more active and grow in my faith.

6. I will run a 10k. Before I got pregnant I was on my way. I ran a 7k and loved it. I might have to do it with my baby if I can’t find a sitter but I will find a way!

I usually don’t make resolutions because I always feel dissapointed when they don’t work out, but this year instead of using phrases like, “I want to” or “I’ll try to” I will use the phrase, “I will.” What are your “I wills” this year?

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