I Promise Not to Talk About Sleep Anymore

I never updated on my baby’s sleep progress but I guess I have gotten really lazy and I actually stopped caring! She has actually started sleeping through the night on her own many nights even though all the books say that babies won’t unless they learn to self-soothe. I guess the biggest change in getting my baby to sleep better has been in my attitude and in finding ways that work for me. I still have to hold her for naps but here I am blogging while she naps, playing on the internet, or just catching up on rest.

What I took away from the No Cry Sleep Solution was the Pantley Pull Off. It really works BUT you have to keep at it or your baby will revert back. Also, she responds well to calming music at bedtime and naps. At least I imagine she does. She still won’t take a lovey but maybe someday if I keep trying. Cosleeping will never work for us but I totally respect people who choose that and in fact I am slightly jealous. It would be to have her nestled in between us. The problem is we both snore and she literally wants to nurse the whole night. We all feel much better rested with her in the crib. Some nights when she wakes up at 5 am to nurse, I just can’t be bothered to put her back in the crib so I just hold her or put her in the bed with me.

Looking back, a lot of these sleepless nights went by so fast. Now she is seven months and I miss the newborn phase. I am trying to embrace the chaos now just living in the moment. I feel like I am on a crazy ride, being led by my daughter somewhere. It’s a nice but frustrating feeling all at once.


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